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JC - McLean, VA

Lynn is very attentive to my dog's health and mood, and is a reliable caregiver. I trust her entirely and count on her.

Eric - McLean, VA

Lynn provides loving care and attention for my dog and is very responsive to my sitting requirements, which often pop up on short notice.

Cathy - McLean, VA

This is a sitter who truly cares about dogs and is very responsible. She stayed in our home with our daughter's dog and we felt very comfortable. She even sent us a text message with a picture of our happy dog.

Mervyn - McLean, VA

I'm not sure if there is a rating available for this service, but I have no hesitation in posting a five out of five star rating.

I was able to completely depend on this service - to not only deliver the standard elements of care that one would expect, but also to anticipate our needs and be willing and able to go above and beyond.

Lots Of Love Dog Sitting is a dog care service that truly lives up to its name.

This service quickly earned the trust of my dog (Kiara, a Golden Retriever) and it was able to provide me with much timely and valuable advice and counseling, including during some of the more difficult stages of my dog's life.

This service is 100% trustworthy, reliable and always goes the extra mile.

Great service, flexibility, and reliability are genuine hallmarks here and the five stars that I'm awarding are fully earned and deserved.

Bonnie - McLean, VA

I would definitely recommend Lynn and Lots Of Love Dog Sitting. Lynn does a great job in caring for our dog, Cosmo. She is very reliable and conscientious. I never hesitate to leave my precious dog and home in her capable hands. I have referred Lynn to many friends as well so I also refer her to you.

Lynn, we have very much appreciated your loving care of our goofy boy, Cosmo : )

Thanks Lynn!

Julie - McLean, VA

Lynn provides outstanding, loving service and care for our dog, Riley. She truly loves her job and her pet and human clients. We trust her completely in our home and with our dog and highly recommend her.

Barbara - McLean, VA

Lynn has been walking my dogs for several years now and I am so happy to have found her. She is very reliable. My dogs love her and so does my 98 year old mother who lives with us. She clearly loves pets. I never have to worry when we are on vacation because I know my beloved pets are in good hands.

Carol - McLean, VA

We found Lynn to be responsive and she worked hard to develop a relationship with our dog. She took time each visit to play with him, gave us good feedback while we were away, (including pix) and she clearly loves animals which is so very important.

Brian - McLean, VA

Fantastic, reliable service, as usual.

Alana - McLean, VA

Lynn has been looking after my 2 Kerries for a few years. She has stayed in my home and also done the V.I.P. Dog Care Vacation Package visits for us.

She is very conscientious with any special instructions that I have given her for my doggies.

She is punctual and completely reliable.

I would recommend Lots Of Love Dog Sitting to anyone needing in-your-home dog care.

Derrick - McLean, VA

I have been very satisfied with the level of care for my Golden. The positive interaction with Lynn and the daily care updates provides a solid comfort level that my dog is receiving the proper care and attention.

Jay - McLean, VA

As usual, excellent care, thanks, Lynn.

Diana - McLean, VA

Lynn is a caring and meticulous caregiver. She gives my dogs lots of TLC and I have complete trust in her while she is in our home. Also, Lynn has a nice sense of humor.

Kathy - McLean, VA

Lynn, I don't know what I would do without you -- reliable, trustworthy, friendly, kind, cheerful and flexible. Tender and gentle with my big girl Heidi and attentive to skittish Berrin as well. You always go the extra mile to care for them as if they were your own. You are the embodiment of your company's name -- Lots of Love! Your after-walk check-in calls are great and I appreciate that you have been willing to fix Heidi lunch -- and feed her! Both your daily service and your overnight service give relief of mind, knowing that the dogs are in such good hands. I unreservedly recommend you to others seeking pet care.

Carla - McLean, VA

Lynn Kay is responsible, reliable, professional and completely trustworthy. I never hesitate to have my dog in Lynn's care and I know she will be thoroughly entertained, exhausted and will receive Lots of Love. I recommend Lynn enthusiastically

Lynn, I am so glad to have you in our lives now and that you love Lola so much. By the way, Lola cried for a good 20 minutes after you left. She was inconsolable! You have been a lifesaver for me! You have been a godsend!

Robin - McLean, VA

Lynn cared for my 2 adult cats and my 3 kittens from birth. All through their growth! She was truly amazing with great love and attention to detail .... it made my being away carefree.

Carol - McLean, VA

Lynn is reliable and kind to my dogs. I can leave without worrying about my dogs.

Maria - McLean, VA

We have had a great experience with the services of Lots Of Love Dog Sitting. Lynn really loves dogs and is very sweet with our dog. She also taught our dog some commands and is very easy going.

Dorinda - McLean, VA

Lynn is reliable and resourceful and trustworthy. She really helped us out in a pinch!

Jae - McLean, VA

Thanks for taking the time to write back and provide some guidance. I will check out those you suggested. I am apprehensive about allowing just anyone to take care of Emi. I had clicked on every single link on your webpage and felt very comfortable with you and your reputation. I'm sorry too that you live further out. I'm not familiar yet with area and distances, but I can appreciate the having to drive and all that goes along with a business and providing quality care. Thank you so much! Most respectfully, Jae

Kay - McLean, VA

You have done a wonderful job! I appreciate the check-in calls. I know the dogs are attended to in both time and attention. You are honest, reliable and competent.

Susan - McLean, VA

Lynn, it was truly a pleasure to meet you. It is obvious that you are a kind and responsible person who loves the pets for whom you care.

Puffy - Vienna, VA

My dog has my heart, so I am very careful with WHO I leave her with when going away. Lynn is always tender, careful and kind when having my dog in her care. I can go away and NOT WORRY at all. That is such a comfort for me.

Norma - McLean, VA

Lynn has done such a great job of taking care of our dog and two cats. We know she gives them the extra attention they deserve. We have recommended Lynn to neighbors and friends who have also utilized her services. We will continue to use Lots Of Love Dog Sitting.

Joanne - McLean, VA

Excellent care! Concerned. Dependable. Communicative. Loves dogs and is very good to the owners.

Cherie - McLean, VA

If you want your dogs to be loved, cuddled and treated with the utmost of care while you're gone, I highly recommend Lynn Kay. I also trust her completely in my house. She follows instructions superbly and has keen common sense should something unexpected happen with your dogs or your home.

Maureen - McLean, VA

Dear Lynn, I cannot tell you how much I appreciated being able to phone you last evening from the airport, knowing that I could rely on you and trust you to see to Betty and Tess. That you've done it as a courtesy makes it even more wonderful. Please know how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Dotty - McLean, VA

Thank you, Lynn!! It is so great to have someone that I know I can depend on. Thank you so much!!

Stacy - McLean, VA

Lynn is reliable and always honors her commitment to dog care at the time specified. She loves dogs and you can see that in the way she interacts with my 2 King Charles Cavalier Spaniels.

I trust Lynn to be in my home and she tidies up so that you don't even know that she has been there when you return, other than the stack of mail that is sorted and unopened!

If an emergency arises, Lynn thinks on her feet to resolve it and is very good about staying in contact with you while you are away so that you know that all is going well.

She will even run errands if needed for an additional charge, but will take the mail/newspapers in as part of her housesitting service.

We have used Lynn for many years now and she is our go to gal for "doggie care."

When you leave your home to a housesitter, it is critical that you trust that the person will show up and do the job that they committed to and love and care for your pet while you are away. Although our dog can't speak for himself, he shows Lynn great affection and is excited to see her. We have great peace of mind knowing that our dog is cared for as we would if we were home.

Thank you, Lynn, for giving Montana the love that we would give him while we are away! It gives us great peace of mind knowing that he will be well cared for knowing that Montana is loved by you as much as us! Lynn, I really appreciate your being there for us in a pinch!

Becky - McLean, VA

Lynn Kay-(Lots Of Love Dog Sitting) is one of the most conscientious caregivers that our family has ever had. She takes the time to meet with you and become acquainted with your pet(s)-(at no charge) before she begins service. She maintains excellent communication with her clients. And she has a wonderful "touch" with animals. We highly recommend Lots Of Love Dog Sitting.

Cris - Reston, VA

Lynn, thank you so much for taking care of Millie. I wish you were able to come back to my area. You are very good at what you do and though you are affordable, I simply can't pay your increased prices for coming out to Reston.

Diane - McLean, VA

Hi Lynn, just wanted to say thank you for cleaning out our car! I was so spaced when you picked us up at the airport that I didn't even notice how CLEAN it was. Wow -- I cannot remember the last time it looked so nice! Kayla seems quite content -- She seems happy to have us back and stays within a few feet of us, usually asleep at our feet. When I have taken her for walks, she does an excellent job of heeling by my side. So you obviously did a wonderful job of walking her by your side for 12 days! Thank you, again, for your kindness to her and your conscientiousness. Best, Diane

Gerard - Arlington, VA

Thank you for watching Chloe and Zoe for us. We're glad that you were able to watch them for us. Thanks for getting those 2 tubes of hairball remedy for us. They both seem to like those. Thanks

Meghan - McLean, VA

Congratulations, Lynn, it's a great company! You've worked hard to build your company.

Nini - McLean, VA

Lynn Kay has been such a terrific help to me over the past year. Not only is she capable and responsible, but she's so loving and attentive with my dogs!! She even emails me photos of them while I'm away! I can always tell when I return home how well my "girls" were cared for because they don't even miss me! I am completely comfortable leaving them with Lynn and being able to enjoy my time away from home without any worries. I think she loves them almost as much as I do!

Kim - Fairfax, VA

I had a great experience using Lots Of Love Dog Sitting. I know that my dog, Abby, was well taken care of by Lynn at Lots Of Love Dog Sitting. Lynn provided lots of love to Abby and provided peace of mind to me. I will use Lots Of Love Dog Sitting in the future.

Melissa - McLean, VA

Lynn's enjoyment of her job is obvious, she has such enthusiasm for the dogs and takes such great care of them. They respond to her immediately, so you know they are in good hands. I really like her attention to detail and regular updates on how they are doing while I'm away. She definitely has a nitch for caring for puppies and dogs.

Deb - Herndon, VA

Was completely satisfied with Lynn's service. I felt like my dogs were in great hands! Thanks, Lynn.

Annette - McLean, VA

Lynn has watched our two female bichon frises twice and the experience was wonderful. On a scale of 1-10, we give Lynn a 10! House was immaculate when we came back from vacation, and most importantly, the dogs were well taken care of and happy. Our dogs were sad to see Lynn go. We highly recommend Lynn to stay at your house and watch your dogs. Lynn is of high moral character, eager to please, and very easy to get along with.

Mylene - McLean, VA

Lynn has watched our Golden Retriever twice this summer when we went on vacation. Our dog was very well taken care of and the house was in perfect condition when we came back. Lynn updated us with emails when we were away so that we knew that our dog was doing well.

Paul - McLean, VA

Thank you again for all your assistance in watching Petey and taking care of him like he was yours. And we really greatly appreciate everything that you did for us. We look forward to being able to take another vacation and to be able to have you help us. So thanks again and I am sure we will be in touch soon.

Wade - McLean, VA

Lynn at Lots Of Love Dog Sitting has taken care of our 2 pugs several times now and we plan to continue relying on her for years to come. She has done a great job each time. She is careful, considerate and has an amazing positive attitude. Our dogs absolutely love her!

Monica - Vienna, VA

Leaving your pets can be very difficult, but Lynn made the experience very simple and pleasant. We could not have asked for a better all-around service. Lynn, Thanks again!

Ulrika - Vienna, VA

We have had the great experience of being on vacation for a whole week and not having to worry one minute about our "baby" at home, our 1 1/2 year old Cocker Spaniel, Bingo. The excellent service provided by Lynn made our vacation to an absolutely perfectly relaxed get-away. We really would like to recommend other dog owners Lynn's wonderful, loving and warm care she provides. You can tell that she really loves animals!

Barbara - McLean, VA

Lynn was very responsible, organized and worked very hard to win my dog's trust. I felt very comfortable leaving her in Lynn's care. She clearly cares a lot about what she does and takes the responsibility very seriously. She even emailed me daily updates and photos!

Cathy - Arlington, VA

I was a little concerned at first because my little boy is a little skittish and not very friendly with anyone. Lynn came over and spent time with my little boy and also left a sock behind with her scent so that he would get used to it. I was impressed that Lynn was ready to do whatever it took to make me and my little boy feel safe. I came home after 10 days and found a very happy and well taken care of little boy.

Sarah - Arlington, VA

Our Boxer and chihuahua seemed very happy and content when we returned home and Lynn updated us while we were gone with pics, emails and phone calls. We felt our pets were very well taken care of.

Debbi - Clinton, MD

Lynn Kay sat for my two exuberant black labs while I was out of town for a week. I really appreciated the way she made sure, even during a snow storm, that she would be there with "the boys" before I left for the airport. She also made sure she was there when I returned home, even though it was very late. Lynn stayed at the house all day and all night so the dogs' schedule would not be disrupted by my absence. Her love of animals shows and the boys really took to her right off. I would recommend Lynn to all my friends, and I hope she will be available for my next vacation.

Bob - Arlington, VA

Lots of Love Dog Sitting provided excellent care for my cat while I was out of the country, despite the fact my cat is very difficult to please. The service I received before, during and after my trip was very good. I never once worried about my cat. I will definitely use Lots Of Love Dog Sitting Services in the future!!!

Lisa - McLean, VA

Lynn did a great job of taking care of our 16 year old dog. She obviously loves dogs and had the experience and patience to make even a nervous, older dog comfortable. She is very reliable and thoughtful and took good care of our house while she was there.

Marian - McLean, VA

Lynn was very loving and reliable with our two labs. She contacted us to let us know how they were and also asked good questions regarding their behavior. Jackson and Zack got good walks and lots of attention. Rather than getting upset by their barking, she learned how to deal with it.

Rachel - Mountain View, CA

From the first time I spoke with Lynn, I was reassured by her calm professionalism, how thorough she was in the questions she asked, and the time she was willing to take to listen to me go on and on about my mini dachshund, Edward. And when we finally met for the first time, I could see how good she was with him. It's so clear Lynn genuinely adores animals and enjoys taking care of them--pet sitting isn't just a job to her. While I was away, Lynn kept in touch, sending me digital photos and emails to tell me how Edward was doing. And when I finally came home, Edward looked happy and healthy, and he didn't pick up any bad habits (which happened when I left him with a different pet sitter). As her website promises: Your pup will get lots of love (and isn't that what's most important when you can't be there for your pet yourself?)

Jane - Ladera, CA

Lynn has dog sat our Golden Retriever and stayed at our home on several occasions. She is responsible, reliable and a very loving companion for Pattie.

Skate - San Bruno, CA

Lynn took care of my two 10-year-old belgian shepherd dogs when I went on holiday. In the initial interview, Malik and Jadoo were intensely curious and naturally rambunctious, and Lynn left her sock so they would remember her scent. In my absence, Lynn would call me whenever there was a question or concern--which I appreciated. I had asked her to stay over with the boys, which she diligently did. The result? Two smiling and well-adjusted pups (and perhaps a slightly sleepy sitter). I consider that remarkable, as belgians tend to be aloof to people who are outside their pack, but they clearly adored Lynn!

Deborah - Palo Alto, CA

Lynn Kay was the most responsible and pleasant pet sitter we have ever had! Our dog sustained an injury from a dog groomer the day before we left on a trip and Lynn was willing to administer ointment and handle other routine duties. She is both communicative and thorough and we are lucky she has made pet care her career.

Eric - West Menlo Park, CA

Lynn provided lots of love and care for our two dogs, as well as our home while we were on vacation. She communicated frequently, setting our hearts and minds at ease while we were half-way around the world. She is reliable and a pleasure to deal with! We recommend Lynn without reservation!

Kathy - Santa Clara, CA

Lynn came to our hotel room and kept our three dogs, a shitzu, a black lab and a golden company while we spent time with our granddaughter. I would highly recommend her. Our dogs responded like they had known her all along and were very happy to stay with Lynn. I would highly recommend her. This is a great service and a wonderful person to work with.

Lauren - San Mateo, CA

Lynn has cared for my cat while we were away on a couple of occasions. I highly recommend her. Lynn is extremely responsible and trustworthy. The care she gave my kitty was top notch. As her website claims, she spent time with my cat, cared for her and played with her and gave her lots of love. She is great about keeping in touch and leaving word that things are ok. My cat immediately liked and trusted Lynn and I felt totally comfortable leaving my kitty in her care while we were away. I will definitely use Lynn again.

Deborah - Santa Cruz, CA

Lynn is so great with our older dog--she really gives her the love and attention she needs when we're away. And she takes such good care of the house as well--you can hardly tell she's been here when you get back. Having Lynn take care of our dog makes it possible for us to go away with complete confidence.

Monica - Daly City, CA

You're just too good. It is hard to find trustworthy people.

Katherine - Aptos, CA

Lynn stayed at our house for six weeks and was responsible for one demanding cat, our house and yard. There were many tasks, and Lynn handled them and the cat very well indeed. She is tender, reliable, careful, responsible and diligent. In Europe, we received regular email updates, and even a photo. We have recommended Lynn to a number of people, and had arranged that she stay another time with all of our pets here--a large dog and two cats--but had to cancel our trip. We will certainly ask Lynn to stay here again should the need arise.

Anna - San Mateo, CA

When I first met Lynn I got the strong sense that she really cared for animals. She was able to take care of my cat, Tigger, while I was away on vacation for a week. When I came back I found my cat happy, clean and my place was in perfect condition. Knowing that my cat was in good and caring hands made my vacation much more enjoyable. I would definitely recommend Lynn to anyone that needs pet sitting services. I give Lynn of Lots Of Love Dogsitting the highest rating in pet sitting.

Emily - Redwood City, CA

It is very comforting to know that when we are away our dog is being cared for by Lynn. Lynn is a true dog lover and has a very wonderful, gentle way with animals. The multiple times that we have used Lynn as a dog and house-sitter she has made sure to email us and let us know how our dog is doing, and has even sent us pictures which are great to see! She is very neat and it is great to come home to a happy dog and a cozy house. We would highly recommend her to anyone who would appreciate their animal being well taken care of.

Ashley - Atherton, CA

Lynn has stayed with our dogs a number of times and she is the best! She takes great care of our dogs and our house while we are gone and she has done a few errands for us while we were out of town which was fantastic! Our house is always very tidy when we get home, the mail is sorted, plants watered, trash taken out etc. Lynn is very responsible and trustworthy and treats our dogs and house as if they were her own. It is great to leave knowing she is at our house because we know everything will be taken care of!


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